AI Quantum swap

Hi there. Is anyone aware of this AI Quantum data project that runs on the MetaMask platform Is it a scam or viable initiative. It uses usdt to feed a bot that returns daily revenue from auto bot trades that return to and sit in the MetaMask wallet.

I’ve recently had trouble accessing my funds from it and wanted to know if anyone else has been involved/had issues with it?

Any insights would be appreciated.

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Hello @Ashtray, welcome to MetaMask community!

Unfortunately, i’m 99% convinced that it looks like you fell for a scam. Not being able to access your funds from it is one big red flag. Stop putting money into it and make sure you can disassociate yourself from it all entirely. Disconnect from that dApp and make sure to revoke any approvals you gave it. Make sure you always research anything you might interact with before you actually interact.


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