All Funds stolen from my wallet

woke up this morning to see that all funds were stolen this morning. THe strange thing is that I did not use the web extension for a week and just following up on coin status using the mobile app (doing zero transactions). I really do not understand how they did it.

very frustrating and raise questions re the security of the platform. Who can I contact?

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The exact same happend to me 3 days ago. I did nothing and suddenly I had no tokens on my wallet. I tracked what transferes were made and where my cryptos were sent. This is what happen:

All my tokens were swapped in pancakeswap to BNB and then all BNB was transfered out. Afterwards, the assets were sent to Binance chain (BEP2) via BSC Token Hub. I’ve been able to track a few addresses were they kept moving my assets to within Binance Chain (BEP2).
My Wallet Adress: 0x8E96906DCc09947F67e9b1FEEC8D1aa8fBf43570
Unauthorized transfer was initially made to this address: 0xF5725bB9B60c646E48D09dD118fA380C99504393
This TX ID is the one were they transfered my assets to another BSC adress: 0x14a69d346a3139ef759d28fdd05e662856c79c0cd0278aac8f2041cbf0bd0d1d
And this is the TxID of the transfer from that adress to a Binance chain via BSC Token HUB: 0xe7d00ffc7d36f9ec3447fa1efa49b47d09c2aff4c8b26ce09e3a0e073dac2fab

I did not give my seed phrase (metamask) to anyone and haven’t written it on my PC.

I contacted BSC support and they just said they cannot do anything because once the transfer was authorized you can’t revert it (blockchain world…).

I also tried to contact metamask support, they did not reply yet. Just an automatic message that it could take 7 days to reply…

I did not find much to do since we are talking about decentralised transactions… At least I hope that it’s possible to ban the addresses were the money was sent… Can you identify the same addresses?

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my money on bnb suddenly ran out because I took it on purpose, I didn’t send money to me in another metamask and I didn’t talk to anyone other than the amount of 45k php on my bnb, I cleared everything, I hope we can find a way to get my money back because 11 days ago my complaint here has no results i hope you read this because too much waiting for my refund

I did not give my seed phrase (metamask) to anyone and haven’t written it on my PC.

I contacted binance support and they just said they cannot do anything because once the transfer was authorized you can’t revert it sad to say i hope will be back my money

Here is my metamask wallet : 0x1E45666b348Cb3bE32fef8A13504e786361214AC

here goes my money wallet : 0xe148aa8B0eE7fa1fAC068e5Cc4F79690Ce5A4D23

I have same problem with metamask.
From my metamask wallet: 0x5A5962AEA4e62dcF1088C3A1c21737D25ca4734C all ADX, Chromium and Etherum went away.
I had staked ADX and Chromium… Everything went to adresses:


This happened to me 2 days ago the tokens were in the account and the next day they were gone, vanished. I followed the activity of the tokens on Etherscan and I saw what they did but there was nothing I could do. I notified FTC and made a complaint and will share this report with the Support department of Metamask, the token Support department and Telegram. com who initiated communication regarding the tokens involved, at some point I became more vulnerable the more I tried to get help with missing tokens, where instead of 1 token missing the wallet now had to large sums of tokens missing that I could track on Ethersacn and no wal to retreive them. So frustrating but they are on notice with the FTC and I have started my own investigation to try and discern how this nasty trick was done to me, I have never been hacked or robbed in my life, I am literally outraged that this can happen. I have been told once the tokens are stolen and coverted to let’s say USDT there is no reversal and you have officially been robbed.

I can’t, however, if you trace them to an address where they will send your tokens to a different DEX and sell them ususually into USDT and at that point it’s game over. You have officially been robbed. In my case it happend twice the second time I was actually in communication with the project moderator/support staff on Telegram and I believe this is where the second batch of tokens were able to be stolen. I have to do a redo of most of my wallets and change the passwords to all of my web accounts, I find it similar to identity theft except there is crypto currency with value at stake involved.