An idiot lost SRP but still remembers password

I have searched the knowledge base and come to a conclusion that I probably will have lost all of my money. But being an idiot I will ask anyway who knows there is a way to recover.

Anyway, I installed MetaMask on my Android phone and this is the only way I accessed it, i.e. I have never used the browser or any other platforms.

Long story short, I uninstalled the app from my Android phone thinking I could simply reinstall and get back to my wallet by entering a password. But boy oh boy MetaMask asks for an SRP that I no longer have.

I read from the knowledge base the vault recovery option is not available for Android but probably there are other ways to recover? I still use the same phone (that was never reset), same SIM card, and I still remember the MetaMask password.

If there are no ways to recover my money does anyone know where my money will go to, will my money go to someone’s wallet, go to an entity or something?

Hello @Iqbal !
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We urge you strongly to make sure that you always backup your Secret Recovery Phrase, and any manually imported private keys

We are currently working on a solution for Android; as soon as it is available, we will post it here.


Your money will stay in your wallet, probably forever, until you somehow get your seedphrase back. I’m sorry, but it it very important to keep your seedphrase safe for all wallets you have and wallets you will get in the future.


Thanks for the answering this question. Lesson learned!


Thank you for developing the solution for Android. Looking forward to it and will check the post from time to time.


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