Approve FTM SPend Limit

Completely new to all this so my apologies for the dumbest of questions.

  1. I am trying to swap FTM Tokens on the Ethereum Network to FTM Tokens on the Fantom Network.
  2. I watched some YouTube videos, found some work instructions that others used and it looked simple enough, so I thought I’d give it a shot.
  3. After I had all the FTM (Eth network) in my MetaMask walled, I used the Multichain to do the swapping dance between the Ethereum Network and the Fantom Network.
  4. I was able to approve the Transfer on the Multichain website and then approve the transaction in my MetaMask wallet.
  5. After that no more pop-ups or anything else to indicate that I needed to do something.
  6. I check on my transaction and I see in my MetaMask “Ethereum Network” under the “Activities” for the FTM Tokens, there’s a record that says “Approve FTM Spend Limit”.

I have read on other similar posts that you have to “Approve the Swap”; with no other details or step-by-step instructions. I have no idea what that means, what to do, or where to go. I’ve looked all around the MetaMask wallet and don’t see anything. I’m looking for any help possible.

Many, many Thanks ahead of time!

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Hey @smokinjoemck01, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

No need to apologize for the questions, we’re here to help you! To transfer tokens from network to network, you will need to use a bridge, which you are correct in doing. There are two steps to this process, the first step is approving the token and the second step is the actual swap. You have done the first step, and all you need to do now is to perform the swap on Multichain and confirm the transaction to receive your FTM on Fantom network.

Thanks for the quick response. Per the responses I read on the MetaMask Community Board, that’s what I was assuming. Something must have been wrong on the Multichain site because I never got any other screens to for the 2nd Approval to perform the Swap. I’ll try another Bridge website.

Thanks again for the quick response!

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