Auto-signature Feature for Configurable EIP-712 Message Formats

As a MetaMask user, I would like to have an auto-signature feature for EIP-712 messages that match a configurable message format. This would eliminate the need for constant user authorization, which is particularly inconvenient in fully on-chain game scenarios. For example, a user should be able to configure a message format like {from: "0x0", value: "<0.01ETH", data: "*", timestamp: "<currentTimestamp+86400"} , and then allow MetaMask to automatically sign messages that adhere to this format without requiring authorization.

To improve user experience and reduce the need for repetitive authorizations when signing EIP-712 messages, especially in situations where frequent signing is necessary, such as in on-chain games. This feature will streamline the user’s interaction with the application, while still maintaining a degree of control and security by specifying the message format.