EIP712 is it really working?

Hello, i’m using the Metamask EIP712 V3 signtype, and I keep getting “invalid signature”

I seperate the signature into the v,r, s format where v = “27” or “28” along with the r =“0x” + “some bytes” and s =“0x” + “some bytes”

yet I am still getting an “invalid signature” after signing the exact message format that is outlined in the contract itself.

The contract hash is on FTM and the contract address is 0x2CB3c6b6f41eAB27a0E21DE99d41733b10E17feb


Hey @ceeonchain, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Are you using a Trezor? If so, this was just updated :point_down:

Here is also some more information on the MetaMask docs that may help you:

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