Error message MetaMask Message Signature: Error: Not supported on this device

I’m using trezor 1 and tried to sign with collab land as I’m holding some NFT but I got error message

MetaMask Message Signature: Error: Not supported on this device

What should I do?


I havent seen that error for a while (was popping up a bunch around eip-712 due to change in the backend if I recall correctly.)

Is your Trezor running the most recent firmware?
Also worth checking that the Trezor Suite is up to date.

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Yes, my firmware version is up to date. the version is 1.10.5

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I thought this had been fixed by an update to the Trezor firmware (late dec/early Jan) but I see a number of other users having the same problem on other forums fairly recently. Checking with the rest of my support team to see if they’re aware of a solution.

So I have to wait or anything I can do?

I’ve asked on trezor forum and someone show me github

that there is still a Metamask issue.

Please let me know what should I do.

Spoke with the development team, this is still being worked on. There should be an update to MetaMask that adds support for EIP712 compliance on Trezor devices. We don’t have a specific release date for that update, but they’re actively working on it.

Thought it had been fixed already from the update on their end, but I was wrong. We still have some work to do from our end.

That Github link is where developers can discuss the change, and share their work.

Unfortunately, the answer for now is: wait for the update to add support.

Thank you so much. If you have an update, would be great if let me know on this topic.

I will do my best to keep this thread in mind, and post an update here when it rolls out. In all fairness though, I’m interrupt driven, and might forget.

We’ll make an announcement about it (Usually on twitter and the community page), but its kinda easy to miss updates with so much changing.


Hi, I have the exact same problem! I hope they will fix it quick


Yeah, hope so. Seem like this happen to Collab land 2.0


This update is live in the field (hit my phone today)
Google and Apple each have different rollout plans, so each user will receive the update at different times.

Check your store, an update should be available soon, if its not already.