Automatic Transfer to other Address

Please help. It’s been weeks but I haven’t received any reply from Support. My ticket has been closed without resolving it and need to create new one. Have transferred from Binance to Metamask then it never appeared to my wallet and base on transaction history, it automatically transferred to other address. It’s my first time to use Metamask, how come this happened to me. I used Mobile app and metamask website only. I never shared my seed phrase.

@Jes have the same issue. Wonderin if you were able to resolve?

No, not yet. Been following up with Metamask support. They replied that my account may have been compromised but I doubt, I’ve been very careful on my Metamask wallet. How come it automatically transferred to other address.

I agree with you! I’ve been so careful and didn’t do anything. Amount was lost in few seconds.

same case, are you all installed metamask chrome extension ?