2 x Binance Transfers Missing

I’ve been trying to contact support for 4 days now reference 2000 SLP missing from Binance and .3 ETH. I’ve withdrawn plenty from Binance to Metamask before no issue. I’ve double tripled checked the address no issues there, everything stacks up on BSC scan & Etherscan but still no funds? Can some help?

Hi yes all is correct, Binance confirmed aswell. Again I’d made transactions earlier that day no problem same MetaMask address.

Not at all, still missing

Have reinstalled, Metamask nothing. Confirming Hash and delivery address 20 times.

Ok thanks, excuse my ignorance what do you mean restore on site?

if your asking if I had to put my seed phrase back in, yes I did.

Its was done on the app, and had to re input seed phrases? Is that the same as what you are talking about

Ok so ive done that now, should you really have to await this long with delays? I mean its just these 2 transactions.

No message at all, same as before. I mean how hard is to get hold of metamask?

Sorted, had to manually add the token address into the wallet. FYI that address you gave me flagged up as malicious on MacAfee.