Avalanche not showing up in metamask wallet

I sent avalanche from cryptodotcom account to MetaMask and it’s been almost a week with no luck getting them.

Transaction Hash 0xf473050d8529039fcc0f3590ca0b42a3df2a75a7d80586a0103a4424a5906966

hi @jdthomas ,welcome to MetaMask community.
9.623 avax has reached this address

You can find it on the AVAX chain on MetaMask


Yes I was just now able to import this address into my MetaMask but it says it is a “watched account” Is there a possibility of this being sent to a different account?

  1. I don’t quite understand the “watched account” you mentioned. Can you take a screenshot? Do not disclose information such as seed phrases, private keys, etc.

  2. If you feel that this account is not safe, you can transfer funds to other addresses or exchanges.
    MetaMask has a lot of articles about wallet security, you can read them all, which is very beneficial.


I was able to import the balance into my MetaMask portfolio but it seems to be a different account or not linked up somehow. It shows it in a watched account and not able to transfer money to anywhere.

I’m wondering if I may have accidentally created a wallet that I don’t know how to access. I had a friend showing me the ropes and once I got home I tried to have MetaMask on my desktop. Since then I have been utterly confused.

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I understand. you just added this address on the portfolio page. In fact, you can add any address here, and they all belong to watched account.

Have you backed up the private key for this address?
If yes, import it following the instructions below,you can manage and use this account in the MetaMask extension.

If you don’t know how to export the private key, check this article

Finally, connect this address on the portfolio page, it will become “my account” instead of “watched account”. :wink:


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