Be Careful of Scam!

I sent BNB for staking but not shown now I know it’s a scam. they use the website bakeryswappes/org Scamming People Making a lot of money. they use a type of smart Contract that Block Buyers from Selling, staking their Tokens. scammer addresses 0x75539a2Cea43AA12E3fd8B9D2190B0B708085B22 Beware of all thieves!!


Thank you for your reminder. You should be cautious about any unfamiliar link. Before you decide to use it, you’d better verify whether it is trustworthy from multiple channels. Don’t authorize unfamiliar programs easily. :blush:


I’m sorry to hear that you lost money, but as @Tksly says, it is important to see if you can verify the website you are connection to.

One thing that can give a hint, is to look at the “Comments” when you have entered the address at a site like bscscan. Someone made a warring 4 months ago about this address.


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