BigTime added to BSC instead of Ethereum. Token showing, but no $ value and cannot swap/trade

Hey all. bit of a weird one
I added BigTime (BT) to MetaMask BSC a while ago. The token is showing in the wallet, but with no fiat value and when i try to transfer/swap/send, the values don’t make sense.

I realize BT is native ETH network, not BSC.
But still displaying in MetaMask wallet.

Just wondering if anyone can help me with this?

I’ve alos looked at bridging token from BSC to ETH network but not having any success.

contract: 0x5c47461C566f6C2d3cB1F854b493b3804aaf04cC
transaction: 0x39ecac109c7946c500d914bc205dbd42d70425b24005b30db34ba4f588d32ab1

hi @iBallPaul , as you said, bigtime is deployed on Ethereum.
your bt token is deployed on bsc, and it only has 22 holders. this may be a fake token.

You can contact bigtime officials to confirm whether it is fake.


Hi Tuya
Thanks so much for your response.
I had a suspicion that this might be the case, but was hoping someone more knowledgeable could have a look :slight_smile:

This was pretty early in my crypto journey so i may have messed this one up by using an incorrect Token ID

I’ll see what I can find out from BT, but thanks again for your input


still showing in my wallet though

Yes, the blockchain is decentralized, tokens and nft will always be there. No matter what token it is, no matter whether it has value or not.

The easiest way is to confirm this with bigtime officials.
you can search bigtime on coingecko - click their official website - community - join discord.
I noticed that their Twitter private messages are also open.


Thanks again for your insight

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