BNB is not showing on my wallet

Hi Community,

I need help with one of my transactions. I did a withdrawal of BNB yesterday from one of the platforms to my Metamask wallet. On bscscan I see that the transaction is successful but I don’t see any new BNB on my wallet. I have BSC added to my Metamask but I don’t see any income in my ‘activity’ section

Here is the transaction hash: 0x94f5cd55d6dcae1164577d7478632d240cc96891dffa2982696e0bab0ae8d239

Can anyone help me with it? It’s a small amount but I’m planning to withdraw more in the coming days.


Hello @lch86 and welcome to MetaMask community.

I see your transaction was successful and your account being credited with the respective BNB. I don’t see any activity on your wallet indicating suspicious behavior or anything similar to that extent. You currently have ~0.06 BNB in your wallet.

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Thanks for the reply.
Correct, I have this amount on m wallet but I think this withdrawal is not added to my balance.
I’m attaching a screenshot from my activity tab. I don’t see any incoming transactions on the 1st of June.

And another screenshot from bscscan showing BNB BEP 20 transactions. I don’t see there this particular transaction:

Is it possible that this transaction was on a different chain than Smart Chain?

If you use to search for your transaction you will see it’s been done on BNB Chain. It is also before the hatch eggs transactions that you made.


I’ll do another withdrawal today with a small amount to see if something changes in my wallet. I will let you know here.


Sometimes, if you cannot see the tokens in your wallet, but the transaction was successful on the blockchain explorer you can try the steps from this article MetaMask states “Balance may be outdated”, displays in orange, or ETH not added to balance

and make sure you have enabled the browser permissions.


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