Bnb missing from wallet


Yesterday I did a swap from FROG token to BNB. In the transaction information for the amount of FROG that I got i should got 0.14 BNB. However, the BNB stayed the same as before. I even changed the network to refresh the balance and came back to the BNB network but nothing. It’s been hours since this happened. I still have the Frog tokens but in the transaction window it says that the transaction was approved. So I want to get my BNB. Thank you.

Hello @salvadorloayza Welcome to the Metamask Community.
Are you able to view that transaction on a block explorer?
It seems you may be using the Binance Smart Chain network for the transaction, you may try searching for the transaction on
It would be good to first confirm the balance on both your metamask and bscscan are matching.