Bought token on PancakeSwap, but showing wrong amount on MM. How to solve problem?


I bought QBIT x,xxx,xxx.xx amount of tokens using PancakeSwap, and the transaction went through normally and the correct amount is seen on bscscan.

However, in my MM it says that I have 0.000000000xxxxxxx QBIT tokens. So the amount in the MM wallet has the wrong decimal places, which translates to $0.00.

Can someone help me, please?

How do I send you a private message?

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@richjoo private messages don’t work because there are a lot of scammers here.

How did you add the token? Used a coinmarketcap page?

Oh ok, thank you.

Yeah i added the token using the coinmarkrt cap page. There was a MM icon next to the address

Hmm :thinking: try the page Coingecko :point_down: click on fox icon

or copy the contract address…

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Thank you, it worked!

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