Bridge ETH-->BSC, transaction approved via CONNEXT , but slippage was too low to send wETH to BSC

Tokens can be sent from network to network using a bridge. You can connect to the bridge application with your MetaMask wallet and transfer your ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain. The bridge that MM uses is CONNEXT via MM portfolio. When I submitted the transfer on the bridge, it completed and sent to Connext, but due to the low slippage, it didn’t complete the output of funds to the BSC. I have the network and token added but the transfer is ongoing in a loop attempting to make the bridge w low slippage. I can see the transfer in Connextscan, but it has been stuck for days attempting to bridge funds. I try to adjust slippage on Connext . i o but the error states “Must adjust slippage on delegate.” I have a ticket in but only reply was adjust slippage on Connextscan. which is the error. Any ideas??


Hi @Gggggg , welcome to MetaMask community.

I pulled up the issue in Connext discord community, this is the response I got.