ETH show in by BSC after Bridge

So I tried to bridge my ETH to BNB through the bridge. After doing this it now shows as ETH in my BSC. When I try and swap within MetaMask i need BNB to do this. I though the bridge was suppose to turn it into BNB

The Binance Smart Chain bridge locks your ETH in a smart contract on Ethereum, and then grants you an equivalent token on the other side of the bridge. It is not used for swapping from one token to the other. In order to use BSC, you have to go to Binance and buy BNB tokens from them.

Hi Jacob, i have a similar problem, i also used the bridge to send ETH to BSC through my metamask wallet and I have no idea where I can access my BNB / ETH now? Will it show up as ETH or BNB is my metamask wallet under the BSC Mainnet?

You need to add Binance Smart Chain as a custom network in order to see the funds on the other side of the bridge. is an easy way to add custom networks.

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I can buy BNB Tokens from Binance with $$$ and send to MetaMask?

Yes, that is typically how people acquire BNB.

So but when i did the bridge why did it just move the eth from my etherium wallet to my BNC wallet

I’m not sure I understand the question… do you mean why were you allowed to use the bridge without holding BNB tokens? BNB tokens are only required once you are on Binance Smart Chain, they aren’t required to use the bridge from the Ethereum side (but are required on the BSC side.

So i Had Ethereum tokens on my Meta Mask Ethereum wallet. I used the binance bridge to go from Ethereum to BSC and i have that in network in my wallet. Now after that transaction i am showing etheum on my BSC Network wallet thing. Not sure if that made sense.