Bridged ETH to Linea Network using Metamask. Tokens have not arrived

Dear reader(s),
I bridged ETH to Linea Network (using the bridge functionality in MetaMask). The bridge/transaction is confirmed but the funds have not arrived… Is there a possibility you can help me out? Thanks so much!

(it has been 2 hours now)

Transaction: 0x8f1ac615d4959fc5d2332fc8434c0c3aa1a5780ff20932ae203c9ea5f97bcade

Hi @Tom321 don’t be afraid :slightly_smiling_face: the transaction is in progress :point_down: Estimated Time: 3-5 Hours


Wow… I love you. Thanks so much! On whoms’ side is the delay?

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I don’t know :smile: we’ll check :face_with_monocle: back in 2-3 hours and hopefully it’ll be done.

Yeah :partying_face: transaction Success @Tom321


Received the funds. For anyone else wondering, apparently your bridge to Linea can be delayed by hours if the network is clogged up. So keep this in mind

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Podrias ayudarme? You can help me?


Hi @BlackYisus23 I’m not at home now :smile: but it looks like you have to adjust the gas fee (because it is too small) :point_down:

and then the transaction will take place faster :slightly_smiling_face:


It worked! thanks a lot! She had no idea what happened and how she could fix it. I also learned a new tool. Thanks again!

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