I bridge ETH from base chain to linea chain. My ETH is missing after an hour. What’s the problem? Any solution

Bridge problem from base to linea

Could you please share the tx?

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I have same problem, my 2 transactions that were made ~7 hours ago are still 1 pending and 1 queued in Linea Mainnet. 0xb9af9c5716e6f6165ef73f9e07126a89d97a353987e481cd896baab20efdc020


I see you have 3 pending transactions. You’ll either have to wait until gas prices drop and they go through, or use the custom nonce method to cancel them one by one. If you choose the latter, then make sure to set the gas price sufficiently high so that the transaction can go through.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Will the gas price drop in 24 hours?

Great question friend! I sadly can’t predict what will happen in 24 hours, even though I’d love to :smiley:


Hello. I have a similar case.
I sent some of bnb coin from my uniswap wallet(trust wallet) to my MetaMask wallet(bnb smart chain) but it hasn’t arrived in more than 15hours. I think it’s because it was sent to another network, but i can’t recover it. ya??
TxHash : 0x5154fa83c66a951e271c127fa305567de3f1a5abd12aea43b0631c932eb9772a

The BNB tokens have been sent to this address 0x702116Ff550D9d859C8220f7FB69772b8666Df5b and are available on the Ethereum mainnet network (not Binance Smart Chain)

Switch to Ethereum network on your wallet. If you’re still unable to see your BNB then you’ll have to manually import the BNB token:
https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us/articles/360015489031-How-to-display-tokens-in-MetaMask. Head over to the " How to add a custom token" and follow the steps.

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Not sure if you read this but I bridged ETH to Linea Network (using the bridge functionality in MetaMask). The bridge/transaction is confirmed but the funds have not arrived… Is there a possibility you can help me out? Thanks so much!

this is the transaction id: 0x8f1ac615d4959fc5d2332fc8434c0c3aa1a5780ff20932ae203c9ea5f97bcade


Funds have arrived on Linea: Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | LineaScan

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Hello. I have the same problem here. I tried to bridge from Base to Linea. This is the transaction ID: 0xfe6183096b099f3f7ec028dfef4a849f6915c3e2efeae8c080b477deed6c4f02

Can you see if something went wrong or how long it probably can take until the funds arrive?

Thank you!

Hi @traderI do not worry :smile: transaction: successful right after I looked at it hehe. Sometimes it takes 2-3 hours…

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Thanks Luigi! These long transaction times are getting on my nerves! :grinning:

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