I cant get my ETH fund since bridged to linea network

I have deposite from eth to linea via 0.6eth
but still didnt got to my wallet since a long time, I swap from another bridge but works , I dont know why?
tx: 0x73c5b82baa98f85309bec70621223c0315fb955623beb10eb4ffd5348446a8f8
tx: 0xf7132c877ca877e19c8c3b5f38c9938cc5fd8669a7652b077dfba23ae2f5ec16
pls see my txid, I deposite 0.06 eth use your bridge,but I got nothing and the 0.06 enter into this contract 0xcf68a2721394dcf5dcf66f6265c1819720f24528 automaticly,why?
I need to get my money back in linea mainnet,not into this contract.
There is a transaction of 0.6 ETH being sent out of your wallet address on Linea, I did not confirm this transaction.

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If you used manual claiming when bridging you will have to claim your funds once the button appears in the history of the bridge.


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