Btcb to bitcoin wallet (binance) advice

Hi, I tried to send btcb wrapped binance bitcoin to a bitcoin wallet on binance like a fool via metamask.
It said bep20
Will I get my money refunded do you think?

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Hey @btcboy, sorry to hear this has happened :frowning:

Unfortunately, transactions on the blockchain are irreversible and those funds cannot be recovered.

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Hi Naked, Binance have a Pioneer burn program, that is meant to cover pegged coins that get lost, so am hoping they will approve my case.
They havent responded yet in the 3 days they claim.

Thanks for informing me about the Pioneer burn program, I was unaware of this!

Unfortunately, there is nothing the MetaMask team can do about this issue, as this relates to Binance. Please continue communication with the Binance team.

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