Transfer "success" but lost coins?

I transferred BTC from Binance to my Metamask wallet. It worked fine and the amount was correct in the wallet.

The BTC was in the Metamask Binance Smart Chain Mainnet, now as BTCB.

I copied/pasted the given "unique bitcoin address to deposit’ Yeildnode address into Metamask and sent it.

There was no error in any typing as it was all copy and paste.

The receipt shows success… but Yeildnode does not have the coin.

The Yeildnode address I pasted into Metamask and the address it was actually sent to on the receipt when checked on BscScan are different.

BscScan says the address says it has gone to - Binance-Peg BTCB Token

I have all the necessary info, but I’m not too sure what I can post or not for security. I’m just not too sure what it all means myself!

So I ask -
-What have I done wrong?
-Where is my coinage?
-How do I correct it?

I’d really appreciate any help offered.



Hey @boldlygo, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Unfortunately, you cannot send BTC directly from Binance to your MetaMask wallet. BTC is on the Bitcoin network which is not compatible with MetaMask.

Hi, thanks for the info.

I bought Btc in Binance and sent it to my Metamask and it became BtcB.

I then sent the BtcB to Yieldnode ‘unique’ address, but it didn’t arrive. It has gone to a Binance address I can see on BCSScan.

Are btc and BtcB not interchangeable?

It still leaves me with the problem of where is the money? What/Where is the address BscScan says it in?


To clarify, you lost the BTCB tokens when you sent to an address on Yieldnode? Would you be able to provide a transaction hash? It may be that you have sent the tokens to the wrong address.

Hi nakedwinnie,

I have all the info (BscScan)… Just not the knowhow to know exactly what its telling me. (I’m new to this and its a steep learning curve!).

The transaction hash is : 0x3fd985ed29ff0395a91d86f18f92820211dcca559344222c92887e0f47b7b30a

The address it went too (which is not the Yeildnodes address copied from their page): 0x7130d2A12B9BCbFAe4f2634d864A1Ee1Ce3Ead9c

Any insight you can offer would be thankfully received. Cheers

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Thanks for sending the transaction hash, and yes, the learning curve is definitely steep. We’re all learning together :laughing:

Unfortunately, the BTCB was not sent to the correct address, it was sent to the contract address of BTCB itself. 0x7130d2A12B9BCbFAe4f2634d864A1Ee1Ce3Ead9c is the address for BTCB token. I am sorry to say that this transaction is irreversible.

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Ahhh, Not too sure what I did there then?

Thanks very much for coming back to me… its appreciated. cheers.

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