[Bug] Blank Screen appears when navigating back

I found a bug when navigating back in “Security & Privacy” page :

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Settings page from menu.
  2. in Settings page open Security & Privacy section.
  3. In this section scroll to “Sign with Biometrics?”(P.s : Mine is enabled from start).
  4. Now try to disable “Sign with Biometrics?”.
  5. It will ask you to scan your fingerprint to authenticate. Choose “cancel” and do not authenticate with fingerprint.
  6. Now it will take to “Enter your password” screen as I have choose cancel for biometric.
  7. Now press back button or physical back key. It will take you to the “Security & Privacy” page but te page is blank (refer pic ). This is the bug.

Ps.:As a new user its only allowing me to add one picture, so uploading the bug screen only

It is navigating to the correct page but that page is not displaying its content. I find it as a bug.

My phone data:
Metamask-version 2.1.3
Android version-11
Device- Samsung galaxy s10 lite
One UI version 3.1