Bug na metamask?


My account disappeared and my words seeds are opening a different account, I’ve seen several reports identical to mine, the account simply disappeared and the words seeds open another account! it seems that they are not giving importance to solve this problem, and they are letting people have losses claiming that they were responsible for what happened! how to be responsible for a bug in the metamask system? how would you be able to make the words seeds open a different account? ignoring people and leaving them unresolved is not solving the problem, pretending the bug doesn’t exist won’t make it go away! I think they should care and check each situation by providing efficient support!!!


I have the same problem. I followed the steps correctly, but Metamask did not restore my default account like it states it does. It restored an account that I have not seen before.

They have offered zero help other than the community links that do not help address this issue at all.