Buying alt coins via Uniswap

I am a new user to wallets and Metamask which I have installed on Chrome and used the Ropsten testnet to check the basics are working.

Buy an altcoin that is not very common using Uniswap where it can be found.

I already have a Binance account with several coins that I hold including ETH and UNI.

My assummption is that I will need to transfer some coin from Binance to the Metamask wallet on my PC, and then use the Uniswap interface to do the swap.

There are number of transfer networks and address types on the Binance withdrawal page. What is the best coin & cheapest method to xfer from Binance account to Metamask wallet?

Do I need to configure Metamask to use the Etherium main network or setup a Binance Smart Chain connection?

TiA for any help on how to perform this type of “advanced trade”.

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @rsilk!! :fox_face: :rocket:

You can find information regarding the Binance network and how to use it with your MetaMask wallet here.

Uniswap does not currently support swaps on the BSC. You will need to use a platform like PancakeSwap.

Regarding the Binance withdrawal page, you will need to contact their support for assistance with any questions you have about it, but you can find steps on how to find your MetaMask wallet’s public address and how to copy it to send tokens on the BSC to MetaMask here.