Can't swap my ETH on Uniswap after transfer from Binance on Bsc


I think I made a mistake between binance and metamask.
I wanted to invest ETH from my Binance Wallet to invest them in crypto on Uniswap (for example Mir) by wanting to avoid the fees of the ethereum blockchain.
So I configured my metamask with the Binance Smart Chain network, then transferred the ETH from Binance to metamask using the BSC blockchain.

But now the transfer is done, it is impossible to swap these ETHs against other crypto on Uniswap.

How can I get out of this? Send my ETH back to Binance to send it back to metamask using the Ethereum blockchain or is there another way? Thank you !

Hi Gui221, YES safe and reliable :point_right: send ETH back to Binance and withdraw on Metamask :fox_face: with used ERC20