Buying ETH with Canadian CC but only limits me to $1000


I am trying to buy 1 ETH but the maximum amount it will allow me to spend on a transaction is $1000 CDN. Is there anyway to increase the amount to equal 1 ETH or do i have to spend 2-3 transactions to aquire 1 ETH? Thank you in advance.

Hi @Aceqiu , can you say more about where you’re trying to purchase? Is that within our mobile or the browser extension? Currently, we officially support Wyre and Transak. Another third-party provider you could try is Coinify, which some people are having a lot of success with.

hey @jacob.cantele. I am trying to purchase 1 ETH through Wyre on the browser extension but when i enter any amount over $1000 dollars it says limit is too high.

I believe Wyre is limited to $1000 per day, unfortunately. You might have more success with Transak or Coinify in your instance, or registering with an exchange and transferring the funds to MetaMask.

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@jacob.cantele appreciate the advice and time. I will look into transferring funds into metamask.