C98 sent from Binance to Metamask

Hi, I have sent various coins from Binance to Pancake via Metamask in the past.
I sent some C98 yesterday, but they haven’t arrived, so I assume I am learning the hard way and sent them to nowhere and lost them?

Withdrawal details show I used Eth network.
I have added C98 to smart chain, and main network in MM.



I’m very new to this(kind of obvoius), but nervous about posting the wrong things, such as my address or similar.

Thank you, will try that.

Henke don’t use that stupid page :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it’s a SCAM


that link shows up as Wallet connect.

Just reading about it now, from a quick glance, it seems legit. It’s even in binance academy

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Henke user Leo5 is stupid scammer :rage:

Leo5, why did you delete your post with the link?

Makes it look very dodgy!

Crap, how do I check who´s legitimate?

Whilst reading before I joined, levels were mentioned.

Henke if you use that page you will lose all cryptocurrencies

Well, that’s no bueno!

Have to read up on everything first.

Will come back later today.


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OK, but it says “deleted by author”

He is a liar… Leo5 wrote here that he is an admin
admin with trust level: basic user :joy:

ok, not sure I understand.
But will take time to read all.

Here to learn, hopefully from others mistakes as well.

Well, Admin 2 days after joining is impressive! :smiley:

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Leo5 give me a BAN :joy: when you admin this forum

fucking scammer :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: give me my money back

no support to answer

I can see the transaction on etehrscan.

Metamsk support confirmed it was succesfully sent to my address. However, I can’t see them in metamask.


After finding them on Etherscan, and MM support confirming they had been succesfully sent to my wallet address, I found another website which had a couple of contract addresses fro C98; one for BEP20, and one for ERC20, I had imported the wrong contract to the main net.


Rule #8: DO NOT join discord servers, WhatsApps groups, WeChat groups, Telegram channels or Twitter DMs. These are all scams. MetaMask does not support these.