Good morning, I have a big question. I need to know if anyone went through something similar and can help me.

I sent some bnb to metamask and I was wanting to buy a meme shitcoin to speculate on its price, I transferred 0.20 BNB. Pancake swap asked me to increase the slippage to be able to buy. Then I increase it by 10% and the process accepts me. The problem starts here when the transaction appears but it tells me that I no longer have enough funds to carry it out, I check my metamask and it had 0 BNB, I forgot to comment that the operation was trying to be carried out with 0.1 BNB. Am I the victim of a scam? The transaction appears in explorer and the destination wallet as well. But I don’t have transactions in my metamask



Hey @TOM5 ,

When you go to an explorer like bscscan.com do you see any unfamiliar transactions if you copy in your wallet address to the search bar and review what comes up?