Can I buy ethereum under the age of 18?

Hi, first of all I’m sorry for choosing an irrelevant category, but it wouldn’t let me choose the General category (the category wasn’t showing up). Anyway. I am 16 years old and I have a small amount of money and there is nothing I can do with it. Ethereum is on the rise and with the small amount of money I have deposited, maybe I can earn a little more money, but I don’t know how to buy ethereum as a underage. I researched the options in the buy section of MetaMask and they all have an age limit. Do you know of an age-free platform where I can buy Ethereum? And is it possible to keep the ethereum that I will buy (if I can buy) in my MetaMask wallet? Have a good day and thanks in advance for your answers.

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Hello @Furkan2, welcome to MetaMask community!

You can’t buy crypto if you aren’t 18 years old, as those are the rules on any platform. All of them should require KYC, and one of the rules is to be 18 years old.

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Minors are still eligible to buy, but as a young man with insufficient investment experience, it is not recommended to invest in virtual currency.

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Hello @Chinzilla . Thanks for your response. I guess I need to look at different options for investment.

Hello @Mr.Octo, do you have any investment advice other than virtual currencies (without 18 age limit)? If there is I would love to know. Also thanks for your answer and advice.

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