How much (or little) ETH can I buy through Metamask?

Hello, I am new to the community and I’ve been reading and learning some things about cryptos, and so far I can say I am less of an ignorant than I was when I started.
I am now wanting to get some ETH to cover the gas in order to swap/bridge some assets, and a doubt arises;
When in the buying “menu” in MetaMask, it lets me buy a minimum of 15€ worth of ETH through the Ramp provider, but then, Ramp in it’s own site has a different minimum, It varies depending on time of day but it’s about 7€. Question is; if I ask for, let’s say, 10€ worth of ETH on Ramp, will MetaMask pose a problem because they specify a minimum buy of 15€? Or will it go as it has to, me getting the ETH from Ramp, be it 10, 8 or 12€ ?
I know this is possibly a “dumb” question, but I might not be the only one with this doubt in mind, so I post it here in expectation of someone having tried something similar or with experience on a situation like this one I’m in.

Thanks in advance, David.

hi @DavSV ,welcome to MetaMask community.
I haven’t used Ramp and can’t give a direct answer to your question. Just wanted to provide some other suggestions for reference.

1, Since you are buying token for a new wallet, try to choose eth instead of USDT/USDC, because any transaction on the blockchain requires gas, and the gas used by the network we usually use is eth. Once you have gas token, you can buy others later.

2, Ramp selects the Ethereum network by default, but Ethereum’s transaction gas is very high, which means your money will be spent quickly. You can choose linea, op, arb, zksync era, base.

Here is a tutorial.

Still hope other friends can answer your questions specifically. :smirk: