Can I Recover Aave Sent on Wrong Network? (Part 2)

This is an update to a post of the same name from May '23.

I sent Aave from my MetaMask account to my Uphold Aave account address. SnowTrace said the transaction went through, but it never showed up in Uphold. I contacted Uphold and they said the problem was that I sent my Aave on the Avalanche network, which they did not support at the time. They told me if they ever added the Avalanche network in the future, we would be able to recover the coins. I checked in with Uphold this week, and they now support Avalanche. I updated my support ticket from last summer to remind them of the situation. They referred me to the Snowtrace transaction, said Uphold does not own that destination address (which my Aave wallet generated in Uphold), and advised me to contact the owner of the origin wallet for help. I thought I was the owner of the origin account. Any ideas what I can do about this?

Was the destination address you correct Uphold address? I would confirm this first. I’m not sure why they said to contact the owner of the origin wallet for help, transactions on the blockchain are irreversible and there’s nothing that can be done in MetaMask


Uphold automatically generates an address when you try to move coins into a new account. I copy-pasted the address that was created, but Uphold is saying they don’t own that address.

If you are sure you copy and pasted the correct address, I would try reaching out to Uphold again

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I have gone back and forth with them several times now to no avail. Their customer service is absolutely terrible. I ask them a question, they don’t answer it, they repeat something they’ve already said 5 times and we both agree on, and then they tell me they’re happy to answer any other questions I can come up with. GRRRRrrrrr!!

They are insisting they don’t own the address the coins went to. I don’t know how to find out who owns it – or if anyone owns it. I’d be happy if someone could just tell me it’s a lost cost and I’ll never see it again so I can stop wasting time on it.

Have you shared with them your transaction hash? When you try to send tokens to your Uphold address again do you see the same address as before?

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They found the transaction, so they’ve got the hash. And now they’re kinda changing they’re story. After they spent 3 messages telling me they don’t own the address the coins were sent to, they escalated my support ticket up the chain. The next person who responded said that while Uphold now supports Avalanche, the don’t support sending Aave on the Avalanche network yet.

They added, “In order to help expedite this process in case our colleagues from the crypto engineering team confirm that a return will be possible would you be able to provide a return address that’s able to accept AAVE on the Avalanche Network, please copy and paste this in reply.”

I’m assuming the MetaMask address I sent the Aave from in the first place would be the address they’re looking for, correct? But I dont understand why Uphold is telling me there’s nothing they can do because they don’t own the destination address, but that they can also return the funds if they ever start supporting the network.

It sounds like they are just asking for any address that could accept AAVE on Avalanche, so that could be your MetaMask address or any other address you would like that would work, just send them any address that you would prefer to receive back the AAVE. If they are able to return the funds, I am not sure why they are saying they don’t own the address.

Hoping for the best, keep us updated!