Can I Recover Aave Sent on Wrong Network?

I sent Aave from my MetaMask account to my Uphold Aave account address. SnowTrace said the transaction went through, but it never showed up in Uphold. I contacted Uphold support, and was told that Ethereum is the only network they support for Aave. I sent it from MetaMask on the Avalanche network. Is there anything I can do to recover these funds?

Hello @sALMGREN, welcome to the MetaMask support,

By importing your uphold Ethereum account Private Key to your MetaMask wallet, you should be able to access to your tokens on Avalanche network. Please refer to the following article:


I had not heard about Uphold wallet before. If it is not a non-custodial wallet, the situation is different.
Do you have a Private Key in your uphold wallet?

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m awaiting a response from Uphold on how to retrieve my private key (or if I even have one). I’ll keep you posted…

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I have searched and found that “Uphold does not provide users with their Private Key. Similar to other exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance, you are entrusting a third party (Uphold) with your private keys.”
If that is the case, only Uphold support can help you. Or you can wait, until they support Avalanche network and then you can have access to your tokens.

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Yeah, they just responded and said they’re a custodial wallet and so own the private keys. Ugh. Trying to find out if/when they might get around to supporting Avalanche…

Uphold refuses to give me a straight up yes or no answer to, “Are my coins simply lost forever if you guys never implement the Avalanche network?” They’ve told me multiple times that they don’t share private keys, so I should reach out to MetaMask support. I keep telling them MetaMask will let me import a private key to recover the coins, but that’s the only solution so far. Uphold just keeps reminding me (for the 7th time) that they don’t support Avalanche.

Unfortunately the tokens have already left your MetaMask wallet and is in the custody of Uphold now. Not sure why they tell you to reach out to MetaMask support, but on our side there is nothing that can be done.


Contrary to Uphold, MetaMask is a self-custodiat wallet, meaning that only you can have access to your accounts via your wallet Secret Recovery Phrase and/or Private Keys. If your tokens were in your MetaMask account, only you could have access to them. Unfortunately, you have sent them to a centralized platform wallet where you do not have access to the account keys, and they do not currently support the Avalanche chain.
You can just hope either they help you or they will support the Avalanche network in the near future.
Always, before sending your funds to a centralized platform make sure that they support both the token and the network.


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