Can I recover my tokens?

Hi There,

So my situation is a bit interesting and i’m pretty sure I know the answer but wanted to make sure!

Long story short I had some Metis Tokens on the Andromeda network (Metis network, L2 etc). I used NetSwap to swap the Metis for BNB Tokens which went on to my MetaMask. I then rather stupidly sent these BNB tokens to my BNB Wallet on Binance using the Metis network instead of bridging the BNB to the BSC. Of course the TxnID comes up saying it was successfully delivered to a wallet address which is mine but there are no BNB’s in my Binance account. In essence 1.54BNBs have disappeared.

The transaction can be seen here if you go on the Metis explorer website.


Does anyone know a rather clever way for me to find out where these BNB have gotten to or how to maybe get them back? I filled in the lost crypto page with Binance but of course when I put the TxnID (0x25ffdf5406e69cd498cbe5798338c0dffe553c4640199d20c5bb167a1b6b929a) in they look at etherscan or BSCscan which this won’t display on so the request is invalid.

Thanks for your time


Hi @Wood973 you only have one option :roll_eyes: :point_right: contact Binance support.
But i think they will say: we don’t support this network and we can’t return this token :sneezing_face: sorry.


Yep I think you’re right. I have contacted them again, I’ll see what they say. Gate io and OKX now support Metis networks so it would be nice if Binance followed suit eventually! I wonder if/when they eventually support it the token will show up then?

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Yeah when binance starts supporting this network for BNB (sometime in the future) you will automatically see it on your account.


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