Can not restore asost Assets and Lack of Support from Metamask - Seeking Advicesests after resetting iphone settings

Hey MetaMask users,

I need your help and advice regarding a frustrating situation I’ve encountered. After having to delete and reimport my seed phrase, I’ve lost access to my assets. MetaMask support claims I wrote down the wrong seed phrase, despite my certainty that it’s correct. Meanwhile, the value of my assets continues to decline, and MetaMask seems unresponsive.

I’ve tried using the third-party website they suggested, but it hasn’t helped. I even showed them my transactions on etherscan, but they still couldn’t assist me in recovering my account. This lack of support is incredibly disappointing.

If anyone has faced a similar issue or has any advice, please share your experiences here. I’m desperate to find a solution and regain control of my assets. Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated. It’s my hope that by sharing our stories, we can either find a resolution or encourage MetaMask to improve their support system.

Have you tried to use another wallet than MetaMask ? If you have the correct seed phrase, you should be able to use it in other wallets and then gain access to your assets. I know this is not the solution you want, but it might help you getting control of your assets again and prove that you got the right seed phrase.