Cancelled a transaction and 1082 USDT dissapeared from my wallet

@11thebman you have to be careful :upside_down_face: you can’t trust every idiot here.

Create a new MetaMask wallet :fox_face: (new seed phrase)

how do i do that my friend?

Uninstall MetaMask wallet with browser :upside_down_face: and install (save new seed phrase) and don’t give it to anyone.

he thing is luigi, I used a website that seems safe, i never sent my seed phrase to any one indiviual

I do not believe this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

will i lose my entire metamask account?

You can save the old seed :point_down: but when you use a scam page it’s useless.

thanks a million luigi, now get back to saving the princess

haha I’m saving people here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: princess must wait

luigi, about the earlier conversation. how do i actually retrieve my funds that are in the old account thhat i cant access? it shows up as 1082 usdt in bsc scan but in my old metamask account it does not show up there

Cant access? :thinking: why?

i tried to transfer money from one wallet to the next and then cancelled the transaction. the usdt then dissapered. the wallet address i was initially transferring to has the usdt in it in bsc scan but on metamask it does not register it.
0xc56C936a5C15dD1851562CDb3f525706c9747367 this has the 1082 usdt

how do i retrieve this money?

You have access to this address? Where you copied this ETH address?

yes but the funds are not showing up in my account

beautiful i got them now

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You see :smiley: you don’t need any stupid SCAM walletconnect… pages.

great work

I close this topic and please be careful :slightly_smiling_face:

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