Cancelled a transaction and 1082 USDT dissapeared from my wallet

hi everyone, has anyone had this happen to them before. I literally just had 1082 USDT vanish before my eyes

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i sent to this wallet and it is not here either 0xc56C936a5C15dD1851562CDb3f525706c9747367

but i cannot see my funds in there

how do i restore my wallet please

how does it work?
do i have to scan the barcode scanner thing

yes i did indeed
should i scan it

by any chance are you a scammer or how does this work?

when i scan the qr code it doesnt work

are you sure this process is safe

nope nothing yet, the QR code didnt work

it literally wont reset for some reason

yes yes, I know but when i try to reset account it doesnt reset for some reason

still hasnt worked this is so annoying, thank you for your continjued assistance

the QR code brings me to
which is not rcognised a real website

yeah i have 100% followed the steps including putting my seed phrase in but it still gives me a non existant site when i scan the qr code

@11thebman oh man :see_no_evil: read rules 4 :point_down: in this post

so have i been scammed hahahaha

i havent got any money on my metamask so i guess its okay

except the 1082 usdt that i cant access