Cannot do a single transactions and cant withdraw my money

Hi recently ive switch from trust wallet to metamask and im extremely dissapointed. I do nfts for a living and crypto so this is taking a toll on my life.
It happened about 5 days ago I tried to sell one o my nfts and the transaction failed i kept trying and trying and it didnt work.
Then I wanted to mint a nft so I loaded my wallet up with matic and tried to mint and it didnt work.

Then I created a new metamadk thinking ill just transfer the matic there and my nfts well nope i cant withdraw anything the transaction fails always.

Ive wasted about 4 hours trying to solve this but still dont work.

Ive contacted support twice and they have but nothing but useless.

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Yesterday i contacted

Yesterdays i contacted but they never email me anything

Hey @08michael, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

There are several reasons your transaction could have failed. Would you be able to send a transaction hash or your wallet address? That would provide more helpful information.

Here is also more information on our Knowledge Base:

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