Cannot see balance of tokens in ERC1155 contract

I just wrote an ERC1155 smart contract which seems to work perfectly well except that I can’t see any NFT’s in MetaMask on mobile or browser ext. When I manually try to import them I provide the contract address and it gets the contract symbol so it seems to locate the contract but it shows a warning on the token stating that it cannot read the balance. I am a little curious how MetaMask gets the balance of tokens in an ERC1155 contract as you have to provide the wallet address and the id of the token you are querying as ERC1155 is a multi-token contract.

My contract is based on the openzeppelin contract and I have not altered the balanceOf function which is public and expects 2 params - the address and the tokenId. Has anyone else experienced this? By the way I can confirm in remix that the wallet address I am checking has 4 tokens associated with it. I transferred another token to another address and MetaMask sees no balance for that address either. ps Using the Mumbai test network.

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