Cannot send any crypto from Trezor through MM, dapps won't use my Trezor address

Um… This is broken. NONE OF THE CATEGORIES APPEAR IN CATEGORIES EXCEPT FOR IRRELEVANT ONES. And I can’t post without picking a category.

I hope admins can change to the right category coz the right category isn’t showing up.

I don’t get it. I see “Hardware Wallets” as a category when I type it nothing comes up.

Anyway, I have two problems with Trezor Model T and MetaMask.

  1. When I try to send money to another account with my Trezor account through MM, it opens up some weird Trezor “chrome_extensions:87417797279481798479247482179841278921” page or something…

And it sits there for a while and then the transaction fails every time.

  1. For some reason NO dApps will seem to acknowledge that I am using my Trezor address. With Ledger and also my regular MM wallet, and everything else in MM, when I change it from MM, IT CHANGES IN THE DAPP.

But when I select my Trezor in the MM while connected to 1inch, pancake swap, doesn’t matter what the dApp… it acts as if I never changed anything and stays with the old address… I can change to my Ledger… I can change to my MM… when I change to my Trezor nothing happens, it keeps the old address even though when I open MM it’s on my Trezor address.

This makes it impossible to do anything with dapps like swaps etc. And also cannot use MM to send anything bc it’s doing that weird thing with the “chrome_extention” and bunch of random numbers… I did not install ANY chrome extensions.

And I’ve been using MetaMask with zero problems EVER with my Ledger and with the MM wallet. No problems ever.

Please help as I only have 15 days to return the Trezor if I can even get a refund. I just read that you can’t get one :frowning:

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Hi,@ realalexrose
Sorry for the confusion, can you follow the same steps to contact the support team


Thank you for your swift response to my query.

It turns out that for some reason the Trezor account wasn’t connected in MM and the dapp. Once I connected it everything worked fine.