Cannot upload CRO from Ledger

I am using MetaMask in order to recover my MANA sent from Crypto using Cronos instead of Ethereum network.
I managed to import the token but I cannot find a way to import my CRO from Ledger in order to pay the fuel for the transaction to Crypto again, in order to recover my MANA. When I connect my Ledger I cannot find the address where I sent the CRO…
Do you have any idea on about to tackle this issue ?
Thanks in advance !


Sorry, to make sure I’m following right. Is the missing CRO on your Ledger, or could it be in MetaMask?



Hello, actually I managed to receive CRO (Cronos), I had chosen CRO (Crypto)! Anyway I cannot manage to do the transaction now : “transaction 0 failed! network error”. Do you have any idea?

I think there was an issue with Ledger yesterday that was resolved. Can you see if you are able to do it now? Curious if that issue caused this error.

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