Can't claim $30k airdrop because Metamask don't support 25 word ETH seed

I have limited time to claim a $30k airdrop. I’m forced to use Metamask to claim it. The problem is that I created a wallet on MEW and select 24 word mnemonic phrase with and extra word, Metamask doesn’t support this. I can’t export private key on the MEW website.

On MEW CX I can login a 25 word phrase, than in the list I see my address, when I select this address it logs in on address #1 of the phrase without the additional word.

Somebody know where I can login with a 25 word phrase and export private key? Any other solutions?

Why Metamask dont support 25 word seeds?

30 000 $ airdrop :rofl: doesn’t sound like SCAM

It isn’t. thanks for helping

Some info on this airdrop? :smiley: web page or name
I want to 30k :rofl: free

PS: not safe send your private key on another page

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You may try importing your wallet using the MetaMask extension on Brave. You can find more information here.