Lost Keys but wallet was restorable through Seed Phrase

Hello. I was using a MM wallet extension in Brave Browser for months. There were a few wallets that would restore from a seed phrase every time I had to uninstall the extension and reinstall (just because sometimes the Brave Browser was acting up).

Then on October 1st when a bunch of SSL Root Certificates expired and every site I went to that was formerly linked to my MM wallet warned me that the page wasn’t secure, and I didn’t even have the option to access the site. Sites like Opensea, and DEXs like Sushiswap, Uniswap, Pangolin, etc.

So I did what I usually did - uninstalled the MM extension. Only this time when I went to reinstall the extension the Chrome store wouldn’t let me. So then I tried typing my seed phrase into my Brave Browser MM extension on my mobile, the wallet wasn’t there.

I tried creating new wallets under said seed phrase, and using the vault decryptor, but I can’t find the wallet anywhere.

It seems that the wallet was imported, most likely from the built in Brave crypto wallet extension. I’ve tried using the seed phrases I stored for those wallets and creating new wallets under those and still, to no avail, I cannot seem to find this wallet.

I’ve also done some file restoration on my laptop to see if the .LDB or .log files contain the keys to this wallet. The data MUST be stored somewhere on my computer within my Brave Browser because how else would the wallet be able to be imported with the seed phrase I have multiple times, yet not load when I use the seed phrase after Oct. 1st?

The wallet has over 10k in assets on it and I feel like such a moron for not writing down my keys.

I know there are other people on MM with a similar issue, and quite frankly I find it unacceptable that I am locked out of my wallet. I have an ENS that I’ve bought with the wallet, I may have to pay taxes on gains from this wallet, it is the wallet connected to my Opensea account (even though they said they cannot verify ownership of said wallet), It is the primary address I send funds from my Coinbase account. All of these links I feel should provide enough evidence of ownership so that I should be able to at least recover my funds.

So anyone out there that wants to start a group to try and solve this issue would be amazingly appreciated and I would be so happy to dedicate as much energy as I can to solving this issue.

Thank you for your time reading this article, and I hope we can one day recover our lost wallets!

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Are you trying to restore your wallet on another browser?