Importing another MM wallet with seed phrase has erased my previous MM wallet?

I had 2 MM wallets on 2 different computers A and B. I imported with seed phrase to computer A my second wallet to have both MM wallets on same computer. Since I imported a new wallet with different seed, the previous wallet has completely disappeared.

Trying to restore the previous wallet (which is the important one) I can’t, I used the seed phrase and it bring me a new empty account. Adding new accounts to it does bring me new empty accounts. I have read in the community, cant find the solution.

Probably my seed phrase is wrong, so is there a way to return in the past to have access to previous MM wallet (the one that was already on Computer A) ? like doing a computer restore to a previous date? I read that the MM vault data can help but it must have been erased by the new wallet vault data.

I know the password and the account number.

Any help greatly appreciated.