I have a slightly different situation, however I believe it is the same problem.

I have also removed my extension and then RESTORE my MM wallet with my SECRET RECOVERY PHRASE.
As you may know, when wants to action anything on your NFT’s on OPENSEA and IMMUTABLE X, you have to connect your MM wallet once you have signed into either OPENSEA and IMMUTABLE X and then click on PROFILE (in OpenSea) OR click on MY INVENTORY (in Immutable X) to see and action anything to do with your NFT’s.
However that does not happen anymore when I do so. I believe it is because of my new wallet/account address being different in number to the RESTORED wallet/account.
I fortunately have the old wallet/account address that I had in my original wallet and can even see my transactions on ETHERSCAN.
I also have my SECRET RECOVERY PHRASE and the relevant PRIVATE KEY.
I have tried EVERYTHING but to no avail.
I even tried to IMPORT ACCOUNT but it comes up with an error message that says - “The account you are trying to import, is a duplicate”

I have to action something on 2 of my NFT’s before 11 November or else I will lose out big time!!!

What can I do to “access” my NFT’s again please?

Is there any MM hotline ? because i have kind of same problem and i couldnt get help :frowning:

Hey @Baki1, we have our support center here: