Import wallet from seed doesnt work

hi. i have metamask externsion at my pc at home. working properly. i have metamask at iphone. working properly. but, when i want to import metamask at different pc, i install externsion to chrome and press “import from seed”, i paste seed phrase and system is asking for new pasword and confirm password (??? why new?) , so i put my password and it will not import my existing wallet, but create some new blank wallet with 0 balance. How to import from seed?

I am new to MM. I have a similar problem after reinstalling my MM.
The seed phrase is not working as we are logically thinking. MM is not keeping any record of our accounts.
But the blockchain does.
After giving up more the one week ago I recently recuperate my funds.
This is what I find out.
I reinstall the app/addon (I use the same password, I don’t think is making a difference).
You get a new account: Account1
Now, you can check that account address on Etherscan where you will find the transactions.
In my case, I had four or five accounts. I create, in the app/addons more New accounts, and check everyone on Etherscan until I find the one was holding my RARE bag.
When you find your bag, how to add it? You have to find the Transaction address. When you are in the Transaction address windows, on Etherscan, you will find in the top right, three vertical dots. Click here and, if everything is OK, you will have the option to “add to web3” (o something similar I don’t remember) bum! your bag will be added to your account.
Remember that the MM wallet has to be in the correct Network and correct account.
If you have an unusual Token, like me (RARE) you will have to do it manually.
To do it manually, in my case I have to be in the correct account. Go to + Add Tokens > Custom Token and write the Token Address [the Transaction Address] that you will find on Etherscan. And that it.
Was not easy to find out all this. In my case, everything was done via Firefox/Addon.
Later I managed to replicate it on the phone App.

The only thing I haven’t manage to replicate on the phone is to connect PancakeSwap with my MM wallet.
Good luck! and remember Etherscan is your friend!