Can't claim Songbird in Metamask

I am an XRP holder.
I have trouble claiming my Songbird airdrop tokens via Metamask. I use a Nano Ledger S.

Through XRPscan dot com I have confirmed that I am eligible to receive SGB tokens, 11,256 SGB to be precise.

What I did:
I downloaded Ethereum and Songbird apps to my Ledger Nano S.
I installed the Metamask extension in my browser,
I added a new network (songbird) as per the instructions on docs-dot-flare-dot-network (how-to-access-flare-network-with-metamask)
I connected my hardware Ledger Nano device to Metamask and opened the SGB app.

Still, the balance says 0 SGB in Metamask.

I am a total idiot when it comes to managing wallets and adresses and the like:

  1. I fail to understand how Metamask can see my Songbird only through these steps, when I have not entered the XRP adress from which the Snapshot was taken nor the Eth address I used as the Message Key back in the day.

  2. Apparently, after having gone through the above steps a few times now, I now seem to have multiple SGB accounts. Each have balance 0 SGB. Should I delete these and make a new one?

  3. I did reinstall the Metamask extension a while back due to some problems I had. I may have created a whole new profile in that connection, but I am not sure. So I may have an ‘old’ Metamask extension and a ‘new’ extension, but again, not completely sure. Could that have caused any problems?

What am I doing wrong?
Please help me.

Hey @rdamgaard77, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

First, make sure you are on the correct address that is eligible for the airdrop, and make sure that you are also correct in receiving it. Also confirm that it is a legitimate airdrop, there are a lot of airdrop scams out there! MetaMask allows you to create additional accounts, but you cannot remove them from your wallet.

When you reinstalled your MetaMask extension, if you have used the same Secret Recovery Phrase and inputted it correctly then you have accessed the same wallet. Your MetaMask wallet is attached to your Secret Recovery Phrase.

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base that may help you: