Can't find sylo tokens sent from Kucoin

Hi Luigi
24hrs ago I transferred some sylo from Kucoin to my metamask wallet. I have the sylo token added to my wallet but the balance is zero. The transfer was sucessful as far as kucoin was concerned, I can see it in transaction history. Do I just need to wait longer or has something gone wrong?
This is the link to etherscan Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
This is the transaction # 0x1203456dcad4d80aa7c30c0f60ee0244a6137317bf93debf6f72701847097caa

Just checked again still nothing

Hi com5984 the transaction is ok

try this

or open coingecko and click on fox

Hi Luigi,
I followed your instructions to the letter and the sylo total is still zero. What do I do next?

I have the state logs if that helps

Checked again this morning, still doesn’t show up.

hmm :roll_eyes: :point_down:This is your Metamask address that? You do not use 2 accounts?

Try open this page :point_down:

and click Add token to MetaMask :fox_face: :point_down:

Thanks Luigi, I was using metamask on the BSC network not mainnet, once I selected mainnet the tokens were there. Is there a way for them to display on the BSC network or I just have to keep swapping networks.
Also is there a way to get the tokens to show the dollar value rather than just the number of tokens?

no no Sylo (SYLO) is Ethereum token not Binance token

I use blockfolio :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, appreciate your help

Luigi is there a way or setting that will display value as well as number of tokens. BNB does show both but the others just show how many tokens.