Sent SOLO to a BNB address in Metamask - how wouldcan I move them to a proper SOLO address?

Hi, I’m hoping you can help me. I inadvertently sent SOLO tokens to a BNB address using the Binance Smart Chain when I moved them for the first time from Binance to MetaMask. I can see them in my wallet when I click on BSC scan but I can’t see the tokens. I was not hacked. Is there a way i can send them to myself at a correct SOLO address. I’d really appreciate any advice. Thank you. Marc


Hi! @BadDecisions Welcome to the MetaMask community forums!
Just to clarify, you sent them to an address that you own and have access to but you want them sent to another address?
If you’re not able to see the tokens on MetaMask, then please try to import the token. This will explain how to do it:
Please let me know if that answers your question. Thanks

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2Cu4, I’m so grateful for your reply. I’ll try to explain as succinctly as I can. I tried to move the SOLO tokens from Binance to MM (my first time using MM). I set up an RPC network to use BSC (but I suspect I may have specified BNB instead of SOLO as the token for the transfer). The transaction seemed to be successful, but they do not appear in the wallet. BUT…I can see them if I view on BSC scan (Pics 1 & 2).

I’m unable to import them using the instructions I find on this site…

In case it’s useful, when I select SOLO from the dropdown in the “Overview” section, I am taken to another page. IN the “Profile” section of that page it says:


Filtered for user

I’d like to send the SOLO to a proper SOLO address…they are there but I can’t sort out how to do it.

Thanks again for responding

Regards, Marc


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Hi again! You do have your $SOLO tokens on the 0xA0654FF8a4d31170bA3CbeD486450192D44308E7 address on Binance Smart Chain.

So things you need to make sure.

  1. Use the correct RPC.
  2. Import the token smart contract address
  3. Make sure you are on the correct MetaMask address if you have multiple (otherwise the tokens won’t show)

For 1. Please use the BSC MAINNET RPC. I was able to find it on the binance academy site.

  1. Import the smart contract manually. Insert the smart contract address and everything else will fill out automatically. If it doesn’t then do it manually.

Your tokens should show up in your wallet and if you try and use a DEX and import the smart contract (on the DEX) you will see that the tokens are there aswell.

Hopefully this helps otherwise feel free to reach out again
Best regards


You’ve given me hope I can fix this (and I’m very appreciative of your help…I don’t take it for granted)

Regarding your instructions, I followed them and SOLO (now) appears in the list for the account, but there are zero tokens…

If you can help me get this done, I’ll throw a large chunk of these to you (it’s the least I can do)

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Nevermind, it looks like I got them (I had used the wrong contract address…I tried a different one and they appeared instantly)

If you send me a SOLO address, I’ll send some of these your way

Thanks again,


No need to send me anything, but I appreciate the offer greatly! I’m just happy I was able to help you. Have an absolutely amazing day and feel free to post on the forums if you ever should need help again :smiley:

Best regards
2Cu4 :fox_face:


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