Can't Find Where I Sent My Crypto - Please Help

Hi all,

Like a numpty I sent my USDT from my MetaMask account to an account I had listed in my favourites as my nickname - Bazza - thinking it was my kukoin account.

It wasn’t and I don’t have a clue where I sent it or if I can arrange to get it back?

This is the transaction showing as complete.

Any ideas on what I can do?

hi @Millerman ,welcome to MetaMask community.
You need to figure out the source of this bazza account by yourself, it may be your MetaMask sub-account (check address list) , or your other exchange address.


It’s an account name I set up some time ago - but as I said I have no idea what its linked to - I have logged into anything and everything I can think of.

I know the addy but it doesn’t say what type of account its linked to i.e a game, another wallet etc. How would I find that out please?

Thanks in advance.

There are many The Three Kingdoms tokens at that address :face_with_monocle:


So it has something to do with that game :smile:


Right, so I have sent it to them - lets hope their admin are nice and will send it back to me lol.

Wish me luck :slight_smile:


So I spoke with the support team who own Three Kingdoms, they claim that it is a staking contract and it has no way of accepting incoming tokens and as such they will be quote from them ‘stuck in the contract forever. Unfortunately, in this situation, there is typically no way to retrieve the tokens’

Is this correct, shall I just kiss goodbye to the money and move on?

I thought so :roll_eyes: because it is a contract address.

You need to put that all behind you :slightly_smiling_face: and fight on… good luck :cowboy_hat_face:


welcome to the future of finance.